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Teen Age: poor mom

I have always been a quiet girl, I never gave my parents too much trouble except that as a teenager I created so many problems with food. In those years my palate began to throw a tantrum, I wanted to try new things, different flavors and I was very intrigued by American junk food. In the 1980s ketchup arrived in Italian supermarkets and I was literally conquered, obviously my mother did not approve and they were struggling to get me to buy it. But I still remember the taste of the first time I tasted it with french fries… today it doesn’t taste the same anymore!

However, as you could understand from the previous chapter, the cooking in my house was traditional, simple, Mediterranean, with the omnipresent tomato and I began to tire this simple way of eating. At the age of 14 I began to nurture an insane passion for cheeses, creams, sauces, in short, I had gone from red to white.

Mom and grandmother refused to cook me different dishes and so I started buying my first cooking magazines and then experimenting with new dishes. The recipes I prepared are still current and right for young people who like a rich and tasty cuisine. I am still attracted to these béchamel and cheese dishes but I eat less of them because every two days I need my portion of spaghetti with tomato sauce to restore the right balance between innovation and tradition.

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