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Just married

I married Nicola, my longtime boyfriend, at the age of 26. He was already used to see me cooking, in fact when I was engaged with Nicola he was often the guinea pig of my culinary experiments and this did not bother him. But the difference between when I cooked as a girlfriend and as a wife was in the time available to me. Let me explain: as a girl the recipes were studied first, the purchase of the ingredients was careful and the time available to me was a lot because I did it mainly on weekends. When we got married, things changed because I wouldn’t have cooked only when my fantasy told me but every day. The problem was that Nicola and I worked together and therefore our hours were the same, our lunch break started at one and at half past two we had to go back to work. At the time I was an advertising graphic designer and therefore I didn’t have the method and organization in the kitchen that I have now but I improvised a lot, to be honest even now I like to improvise, but I only do it when strictly necessary. However, due to the tight lunch time, I had to think about more than fast execution dishes. In my pantry there was never a shortage of ingredients that I considered important to always cook something quick and succulent. So I always had pasta, cherry tomatoes, frozen mushrooms, mascarpone, potatoes, courgettes, simple ingredients, classics that you should never miss in order to improvise great. Over time, things have not changed because I always have to have an ace up my sleeve if my time is short or if I have to cook several things at the same time. In short, my life in the kitchen is not easy even if I am not at work, indeed perhaps at home it is worse.

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