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Pork loin leftovers salad

I don't know if you like but I love to cook with leftovers ... I like the idea to avoid the waste of food and the challenge that you have to go through. This salad was born in a day, it was a Monday, that I had these roasted pork loin from the Sunday lunch, some fresh small bunches of rocket and a green apple that was in the fruit basket probably from the week before.It takes a while for me to mix all the ingredients and create probably one of my favourite salad. Now this salad is made with the intention to make it, I mean that I cook the pork loin just for the salad and buy all the others ingredients, at least it can change the apple, instead of a green I use a red one but the result doesn't change.

Ingredients for 4 people

Roasted pork loin leftovers

extra virgin olive oil

2 bunches of rocket

100 g of walnuts

a green apple

200 g of flaked Parmesan


balsamic vinegar mousse

Cut the pork loin into thin slices and then into strips, put it in a salad bowl and add the rocket, the apple cut into very thin slices but without peeling it, the chopped walnuts and the flaked Parmesan. Season with salt and extra virgin olive oil. Put the salad on plates finishing with the balsamic reduction. You can also replace the pork loin with leftover chicken or turkey.

I wait for you to let me know what you think of this dish and if you are interested in zero impact cooking, so I will offer you more and more recipes of this type. Thank you all!!!


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