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Crespolini Amalfitani

When I was young, I followed my parents wherever they went, including weddings. In one of these events I happened to taste a dish that completely captured my heart and for which I thought it was really worth putting up with the boredom of the event. I remember that they placed this dish in front of me with two golden bundles, wrapped in a white and cheesy sauce. Since then, crepes became one of my favorite dishes, so much so that I ordered them everywhere, even when I got engaged and we went out to dinner, I ordered crepes, because I wanted to try the different options, but there was one that had my applause because it had an element in plus: the crunchiness. So when I went to this pub, in addition to the salami sandwich with brandy and provola, I always ordered the crepes too. Today I wonder where I put everything I ate!


For the batter: 500 ml of whole milk

4 eggs

200 grams of flour

50 gr of melted butter

Salt to taste

For the bechamel:

½ liter of milk

50 gr of butter

50 grams of flour



100 gr of grated Parmesan cheese to put in the oven

50 gr of grated Parmesan cheese for the filling

50 gr of fresh ricotta

50 gr of grated Emmenthal

50 grams of grated gouda

50 grams of grated cheddar

Start by preparing the batter: put the flour in a bowl, add the eggs and mix with a whisk, add the milk, little by little, stirring to avoid the formation of lumps. When you have poured all the milk, add the melted butter and salt, mix and let it rest for 30 minutes. If you have a food processor you can use that by mixing all the ingredients together.

While the batter rests, prepare the béchamel by bringing the milk to the boil, melt the butter in a saucepan, add the flour, stirring to avoid the formation of lumps, add the milk, a little at a time and bring back to the boil, add the nutmeg and add salt. . Pour the béchamel into a large bowl and while it is still hot add the 50 g of Parmesan, ricotta and other cheeses. Stir so that they all melt well and set aside.

Lightly butter a 24 cm non-stick pan and pour a ladle of batter, swirl the pan to cover the entire surface and cook for a few minutes over a low heat to ensure that the crepe cooks completely without burning. Put the crepe obtained on a plate and continue until the batter is used up without buttering further.

Arrange a spoonful of cream cheese on one end of the crepe, fold a little of the flap of the crepe on itself, now close on both sides and roll up to completely close the crepe. Put them in a baking dish, sprinkle with 100 gr of grated Parmesan cheese, flakes of butter and cook at 180C until golden brown. Serve as soon as they come out of the oven but be careful because the heart is hot.

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