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Beef stripes with rocket, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese and balsamic glaze

Of course you don’t live on pasta alone or even mozzarella every day so a protein-based meal must be done but it must also be fast, but my hubby doesn’t like steak and so what do I do? By pure chance I cut the slice for the scallop into strips and everything comes from if a pact is born between the scallop and the cut … try it to believe it.

Ingredients for 4 people

½ kg of thinly sliced ​​scallops (rump or veal nut)

150 grams of unsalted butter

White flour

2 bunches of rocket

200 gr of cherry tomatoes

200 gr of flaked Parmesan cheese

Glaze of balsamic vinegar

Salt and pepper

Take the slices of meat and cut them into strips, flour them and dip them in a non-stick pan where you have melted the butter. Brown well, add salt and pepper and arrange them in the center of a plate on a bed of rocket. Add the cherry tomatoes cut into wedges and the flakes of Parmesan cheese. Season with balsamic vinegar glaze to your liking and… we did it first than to say it !!!

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